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Time for adventures in singing!

☃️ Winter 2024 Registration Now Open! ☃️

Welcome to private singing lessons! 🎤 With a personalized approach, I craft each lesson around your unique goals. Whether you're preparing for an audition, seeking to develop healthy vocal techniques, or simply craving a space to explore and embrace your voice, my lessons are tailored specifically for you. Choose from online lessons or in-person lessons in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, or a hybrid approach that suits your needs best!

Play-based learning isn't just for kids—it's for everyone! In my teaching philosophy, I prioritize the elements of fun, exploration, self-acceptance, bravery, and cultivating a growth mindset.

Regardless of your starting point, whether you're a shower rockstar, a literal rockstar, or consider yourself an "unsinger" (what I call someone who thinks they can't sing), I firmly believe that voice lessons can benefit anyone who desires to grow.

Gain confidence, improve posture and alignment, tap into your inner artist, boost cognitive function, and discover the joy of learning new things! 🤩

Curious? Keep scrolling to sign up for a Trial Lesson!

For Winter 2024 I'm offering 25min and 50min weekly lessons in a tuition format.

Tuition means you pay one flat fee for everything you need for singing lessons including sheet music, karaoke tracks, recordings, studio events (like recitals or studio parties!). The Winter/Spring term runs from January - June. You can pay in one lump sum or in six monthly payments from January - June. ​

The cost of tuition is:

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