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Unsinging Class

An introductory singing class for grownups
Thursday evenings 6:30-7:30

If you don't sing,

can't sing,

barely sing,

are nervous about singing,

were told to mouth the words,

then Unsinging Class is for you!

This weekly class focuses on gaining confidence, learning skills to sing with others, and learning to embrace singing as an expressive outlet available to everyone! The best part? No practicing necessary! The second-best part? There will be snacks

Our goal is to have fun and explore what our voices can do. No judgy-pants allowed.

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The Basics

Tuition is $525 for the term ($87.50/month)

Dates & Times

  • Term is January - June

  • Class meets on Thursday evenings from 6:30-7:30

  • 20-ish weeks, 50min classes

  • Small class size (max. 6 students)

Tuition covers

  • Books and music

  • April Recital (LOL jk but only if you want to...)

  • Studio masterclass

  • Recording Project


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Fill Out the Form to Learn More

Send me some info and we'll chat!

Where's your favourite coffee spot?

Yay! Thanks for your interest in Unsinging Class :) I'll be in touch with you very soon!

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