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Wahoo, there's a waitlist!

This week has been one of my favourite parts of teaching: Scheduling Jenga. Armed with only a Google Sheets spreadsheet, note cards with each student's name and availability, and my wits, I try to make 22+ people's schedules line up. As a teacher, I want to avoid what is known as a "Swiss Cheese Schedule", where the holes in the schedule eat up my day without providing enough time to really do anything but wait for the next student.

I can confirm that Scheduling Jenga Fall 2021 has been a success! Everyone is settled into their little slot, and I will definitely be busy this fall! So busy, in fact, that I've started a waitlist. Then, if a time becomes available I will know who to email right away to fill the spot!

It usually takes a music teacher several years to build up to a full studio. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that last year - my first year teaching in Yarmouth - I had a waitlist by the end of September. This year, it's before the term even starts! That so many people want to enrich their lives with music lessons reflects so wonderfully on this community and the people who live here :) One of the reasons I wanted to move to Yarmouth was the community theatre and lively local interest in music and the arts. It's such a blessing to be a part of this town and community, and to contribute to helping more people love music!

Thank you so much to my students, returning and brand new! You help me keep a roof over my head while doing something I love to do! Now go practice ;)

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