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Unsinging Class

Singing is a really complex thing that humans do. There are so many muscles involved, lots of them teeny tiny little things, and many of them you can't consciously feel or control. The primary function of your vocal chords (aka vocal folds) is not singing, or even speech. Using them for speech and singing is a secondary thing they do, but not their first job. Their first job is to keep food out of your lungs so you don't choke and die. Pretty handy, if you ask me.

A lot of people don't know that singing is like any other skill: you have to practice to get better. It's also an intensely personal expression. Our voices are ours, part of our identity, and when people make comments about our voices, even as a joke, it can be very hurtful.

So many people have been told by music teachers, siblings, or family "Just mouth the words." Instead of getting extra assistance from their teacher they were dismissed as "a bad singer" and pushed to the back of the choir.

I struggled with math as a kid (Math in public still gives me sweaty palms). Can you imagine if my teacher had said "Well, you're bad at math so you can sit in the back of the class and colour, let the other kids who are good at it do the math"? That would be ridiculous! We all recognize that math is a skill. Even those who struggle can achieve basic competence in math. Sure, maybe a student needs extra help or has a learning disability that requires specific supports. But we don't dismiss those kids as "stupid" and tell them to not do math because they aren't good at it.

Singing is the same thing.

Unsinging class is for people who didn't get the support or help they needed. It's for people who were told they shouldn't sing, can't sing, sound horrible, or who were asked to mouth the words. It's for people who get made fun of by friends and family who don't know (or don't care) how hurtful those words can be. Singing is for everyone. Maybe you have trouble matching pitch, or maybe you're just scared to sing in front of other people - singing is still for you.

Unsinging class is a supportive, fun place where you're free to explore singing, get extra support from me (an extremely trained professional), and maybe, just maybe, you'll learn to love the voice you have as a unique and wonderful part of you. You don't have to run away and become the lead singer of a band, you don't have to participate in the studio recital (although you can if you want!), you don't even have to sing outside of class and your shower. This is just about learning to love your own voice. Scared to come alone? Get your friends to sign up with you!

In class we'll learn basic singing techniques like breathing techniques, matching pitch, and singing with others. We'll do stuff like vocal exploration exercises, play games, laugh, and just have some fun with our voices. No pressure, no judgy-pants, no practising required. Just curiosity, exploration, and hilarity, AND SNACKS.

Wanna learn more? Check out my Unsinging Class webpage for all the details.

Ready to sign up? Click here to register

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