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Teaching in Yarmouth: One year in

I've been teaching in Yarmouth for a whole year! How crazy is that?

On the one hand: it feels like I've been here forever, in the best of ways. My favorite part about living in a small town is how interconnected everyone is and how when the Pita Pit opens in town it is a Big Deal! My other favorite parts are how I can bike everywhere in town in about 15mins, the community theatre, and how there are two types of people in town: Sip people or Perky Owl people.

Teaching voice lessons one-on-one is a great way to get to know so many different people. The variety of students I've had is one of the best parts of the job! From retirees to college students to seven-year-olds, singing lessons are for everyone! I've helped people learn everything from Tom Petty to Gabriel Faure, Rogers & Hammerstein to Billie Eilish.This past year has shown me just how much there is still left to learn! I have learned so much new music. It delights me when students bring in a piece they really love and want to learn.

Continuing education is really important to me; this year I bulked up on workshops galore! I learned about teaching adolescent voices, transgender voices, menopausal voices, how to ornament Handel arias, and singing in CCM/pop styles. Thanks to COVID, lots of things were online and more accessible for me as a teacher in a rural area and I tried to make the most of it. When you're the only voice teacher for a couple hours' drive you gotta do all you can to learn all you can! I also joined the Nova Scotia Registered Music Teachers Association (NSRMTA) and became the co-president of the Canadian Atlantic Provinces chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (CAP NATS)! Getting connected with other teachers has been so rewarding 💖

Autumn is, hands-down, my favorite time of year. I've been planning for the fall/winter since March (keener that I am). I love my job so much and I want to make my business the best it can be. It's so exciting to be welcoming students back in the fall for another year of learning, hilarity, and adventures.

I can't wait to meet you!

Want to learn more about lessons and classes with me? Click these links to find out more about priate voice and/or beginner piano lessons, sign up for a trial lesson, or check out my group classes for kids, musicianship class, and unsinging class!

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