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Summer Lessons 2021, wahoo!

It's time for summer lessons! Wahoo!

I'm sooooooo relieved that we're cleared for in-person lessons again! It's been three long months since I've had a student in my studio and I have missed it so much.

My hope for summer lessons is that they will embody what my studio is all about: exploration, enjoyment, and improvement in a supportive, low-stress environment. Singing lessons should be fun! Singing lessons should be inspiring! Singing lessons should not keep you awake at night!

I've decided to try a couple new things around pricing and scheduling (Don't worry, I already know I won't be going forward with most of them in the fall, haha! We live and learn!). For example, students can book their own lessons on Calendly. This is perfect for summertime when people's schedules are more hodge-podge. Vacations are taken, weddings happen, and sometimes you just want a day off to go to the beach! By allowing students to book their own lessons, they get maximum flexibility and it gives me room to do the same for myself.

There are still a couple spots left for summer students if you're interested in signing up! Go ahead and fill out a contact form on my website.

Summer is my time to recharge and plan for the fall! I love what I do, and you should hear my cackling as I brainstorm and plot. And, oh, do I have some amazing ideas for you! Stay tuned because fall registration opens Monday July 12.

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