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Registration for Fall 2021now open!

I can't believe it's time to register for fall lessons! Summer is in full swing and I don't want to take that joy away from anyone, believe me! Buuuuut a few early birds have already emailed me asking about my fall programming so I've gone ahead and set up the registration forms for private lessons and group classes.

This year I'm offering a few new group classes and adding some awesome things to private lessons! There's gonna be so much good stuff; I hardly know where to start! Let's start at the very beginning 🎶


Lessons this year are the same in a bunch of ways. You can still sign up for 30, 45, or 60min time slots and there is still a sliding-scale payment rate.

But there's also some new stuff! This year lessons can be paid in a lump sum at the beginning of the year, or in four equal payments from Sept-Dec. Tuition for lessons covers a bunch of stuff like books and music, the December concert, performance classes (more on those in a future post!), and any other special events I might offer. We all like it when things are simple so I made paying for lessons as simple as possible! I wanted to make payments that covered everything you'd need, so there won't be any financial surprises.

Piano Lessons

Did you know I teach piano? That's right! After a hiatus, I've decided to go back to teaching piano lessons for beginners! Just like voice lessons, tuition covers everything: books, the December concert, and performance classes, all that jazz. Check out my page on piano lessons for more info. Don't have a piano? Check out Yarmouth's Music Room, which allows folks to borrow instruments free of charge! They sometimes have pianos available to borrow.

If private voice or piano lessons sound like your jam you can head over to my website and check out the page for more info.

Group Classes

Now that covid is on the down-and-down and folks are getting vaccinated, I've decided to offer group classes! There are three different classes, two for teens/adults, and one for kids. You can sign up for Group Singing Classes for Kids (ages 6-8), Musicianship Class (ages 14+), or Unsinging Class (ages 14+). I'm especially excited about the Unsinging class! All of my group classes will be hilarious and educational! Learning and growing through fun and creative expression is my favourite thing!

My studio fills up quickly, but know that I am always delighted to take new students whenever possible. The earlier you sign up, the more likely you are to get the time that works best for you!

I'll be blogging in-depth about the group classes in the coming week :) Check back every Tuesday for a new post!

Enjoy your summer, darlings!

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