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Musicianship Class. Up your game!

Have you ever wished you could read music? Maybe you learned forever ago but it still takes you a thousand years to "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge" your way to identifying the note you're looking at. Maybe you are a rockstar at learning things by ear, but you'd like to be able to read sheet music for music you can't find a recording of, or that's too complex to pick up aurally. Teaching yourself music theory can get overwhelming without someone to answer your questions and help you figure out what to learn first. Maybe you have burning questions about how music is put together that you've never been able to ask.

This is a group class for teens and adults all about growing those basic skills that every musician needs. Whether you play an instrument or sing (or both!), this class will help you

a) learn to read music which means you'll have the skills to write music if you're a songwriter

b) understand a bit of the hows and whys of music theory

c) understand basics of sight-singing aka being able to look at music and know what it sounds like (pretty cool stuff).

The textbook we'll be using is included in the class price, and you're invited to attend or participate in any of the special events the studio might have throughout the term. I am a big fan of supportive, fun, friendly learning environments. I am also a big fan of people learning at their own pace, feeling free to ask questions, make mistakes, and get messy! In Musicianship Class we're here to support each other in learning, have a great time, and explore the amazingness that is the theory of music. Also, I bought these cool little whiteboards that have the music staff lines already on them and I want you to experience the utter joy that is using them 😍

If this class sounds like something you'd be interested in go ahead and check out the Musicianship Class Page for pricing and all the other info, or Contact Me!

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