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Group Singing for Kids! More than a choir...

Are you thinking about putting your child in a group singing class, but you're not sure if it's the right

choice? Well, this is the post for you!

Group Singing for Kids is so much more than a choir! I'm talking music games, sightsinging, learning group numbers from musicals, and learning to support one another's musical adventures through play.

Individual lessons provide tailored one-on-one voice instruction which benefits many adolescent and adult singers. For kids, group lessons can help them learn the basics of singing. The basics of singing includes stuff like breathing technique, singing in tune, singing with others, harmonizing, and basic skills that all musicians need such as clapping a rhythm and reading music.

One of the great things about singing is that you almost never sing alone. Whether someone is singing with a pianist or as part of a choir or group, singing is a very social activity. Group classes help kids learn social skills which benefit them musically and in their regular lives.

Group classes are great for kids who are shy. Many of us feel a lot better singing with others than singing solo. In group classes, kids have a chance to support and encourage one another as well as receive that support from their peers. Often, kids will join a class with a friend or two, strengthening their friendship with a shared activity.

One word: Games. Musical games teach all kinds of coordination skills that kids

' developing brains need! Keeping a beat, clapping rhythms, dancing, and the very complex coordination of singing the note you want to sing are abilities we can all benefit from (hence my Unsinging Class if you're the type who didn't get the chance to develop your singing voice as a kid).

Got more questions? Feel free to contact me!

Ready to take the plunge into singing adventures? Click here to register for Group Singing for Kids!

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