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Piano power!

☃️ Winter/Spring 2024 registration is now open! Book a Trial Lesson or fill out the form below to ask me your questions!☃️

Step into the world of piano lessons, where your musical journey begins! 🎹

With a focus on your goals, I am here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you dream of playing your favourite pop songs with catchy chords or delving into the enchanting melodies of Mozart, I can kickstart your piano adventure.

I constantly seek new and innovative approaches to make piano learning both engaging and effective for my students.

Fun, exploration, self-acceptance, and fostering a growth mindset are at the core of my teaching philosophy. 

Choose from online lessons, in-person sessions in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, or a hybrid format—whatever suits your preferences!

Here's something important to note: My piano lessons are exclusively designed for beginners (below RCM grade 3, in case that rings a bell). If you find yourself beyond that level, I highly recommend checking out my fellow exceptional piano teachers in the Yarmouth area!

The piano is an extraordinary and versatile instrument, transcending genres from rock songs to sonatas. Piano lessons offer a multitude of benefits, such as boosting confidence, improving posture and alignment, nurturing your inner artist, preserving cognitive function, and opening doors to exciting new knowledge. And let's not forget the sheer joy of being able to read music and master the piano! As I always say, nobody ever regretted possessing these skills.

In Winter/Spring 2024 I'm offering 25min and 50min weekly lessons in a tuition format. Tuition means you pay one flat fee for everything you need for lessons including books, sheet music, recordings, studio events (like recitals or studio parties!). You can pay in one lump sum or in six monthly payments from January - March. ​

The cost of tuition is:

  • 50min weekly lessons: $1799 ($298/month)

  • 25min weekly lessons: $1092 ($182/month)

Need more details? Click here to read our Studio Handbook. The handbook as all our policies, pricing, and dates. 

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