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Ignite your child's love of music and embark on a melody-filled adventure in our Kids' Singing Club!

Welcome Kids' Music Club! Our vibrant group music classes designed specifically for children aged 5-8! 🎵

In these small group sessions, with a maximum of 6 students, we make learning the basics of music an absolute blast. Through games, dancing, drawing, and of course, singing, we foster a love of music for the fun of it!

Our classes not only help kids develop essential music skills, but also boost their confidence, foster new friendships, and nurture valuable life skills. We provide a supportive and fun environment where children are encouraged to explore their creative side and express themselves freely.

Registration for our Winter 2024 class is now live! Click the button below to fill out our registration form! 🎶

What: Kids' Singing Club

When: Saturdays @11-11:50

Where: Yarmouth Library

What's included? Weekly classes, song recordings to listen to at home, words/sheet music, in-class worksheets, and any other materials needed for the class.

How Much? Tuition for the term is $270 which can be paid as a lump sum or three monthly payments of $90 from January-March

Classes run on Saturdays starting January 13 until March 30.

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