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You have different prices listed for the same 30 (or 60) min lesson package, does the teaching change based on how much I pay?

No! You get the same teaching whether you pay $300 or $10,000,000 for the term.

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Why are there different tuition prices for the same 30min voice lesson?

I use sliding-scale pricing for my voice lessons because I want lessons to be accessible to a variety of people. Like I always say, music is for everyone! Unfortunately, finances often preclude people from accessing formal music training. That was certainly the case for my family, and I was very, very lucky to begin taking voice and piano lessons at age 14 after many years of wanting lessons.

Now that I'm the music teacher, I want to pass on the opportunity for the wonderful experience that is private music lessons.

The sliding scale operates on the honour system. I know that my students value my work and expertise and will select the option that works best for them. So far, it's worked out for me and I have not starved! 

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Do you teach all styles?

Yes and no. It's a long story.

No voice teacher is an expert in all styles of singing (if you find one, let me know!!). I can confidently teach you the basics of singing for any style (except screamo, haven't mastered that yet). Breathing, understanding the vocal physiology and range of possible configurations, and musicianship skills are the same no matter where you go, and I can definitely help you with those. 

If you're looking for an expert, I am an expert in classical singing. Anything you want to know about classical singing, I am here for you. Especially if you're thinking about music school, you will likely (depending on the school) need some training in a classical style of singing. A foundation in classical singing, in my opinion, makes it easier to branch out into other styles. But maybe I'm biased because I love it so much.

If you're looking for someone confident and knowledgeable, I'm confident and knowledgeable in musical theatre, folk, and contemporary pop styles. 

If you want help with jazz, gospel, and some rock styles, I could help you but you might benefit from seeking out a teacher more specialized in these areas. Especially if you're past a beginner level (again, I have no idea how the screamo thing works...), I might not have much to offer you that you don't already know.  

That said, I am always learning new things. Workshops, seminars, and book-learning bring me so much joy! (#nerdalert) I'm always bringing new ideas and information to the studio. Voice teachers are scarce in the Yarmouth area, and I'm willing to help you however I can.

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I want to try lessons, but I'm not sure if I want to commit right away. Do you do trial lessons?

Yes! You can take a one-off 30min Trial Lesson with me for $10. We'll talk about your goals, answer any questions, and do a little singing. After the lesson you can decide whether you'd like to sign up for the term.

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The term has already started, can I still sign up for lessons?

Yes! Lesson packages are prorated based on when you start in the term.

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I don't read music/I don't sing well/I can't carry a tune, are lessons worth it?

Absolutely. I have had many students who don't read sheet music, who maybe feel self-conscious about their voices, or who have a hard time carrying a tune by themselves. If you're interested, we can work together to strengthen your voice.

The voice is a muscle (well, a bunch of muscles), and singing is an action that requires a really high level of coordination. If you don't sing a lot and/or haven't had training, it makes sense that you might struggle with that complex coordination. Like any skill, singing takes practice, patience, and perseverance. I *love* helping people strengthen their voices, learn, and grow to love their unique sound. 

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I only want lessons once a month or once in a while, can I still sign up?

Yes! You can sign up for lessons on a casual basis. However, you will only be able to take lessons at non-peak times (e.g. during the day on a weekday). Teaching music is how I make my living, so I have to prioritize folks who take lessons regularly each week. But we can work together to fit you in!

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